WEBO ANGUS 8th Annual Production Sale

Selling 70 Ranch Ready WEBO Bulls • A Selection of Well Broke Manning Horses

Dear Friends and Cattlemen

What a ride this has been! Kind of makes ranching fun. It's hard to believe the last year, as good a year as most of us have seen in a really long time both weather and cow markets alike. Mom, Kathleen Jackson put it into perspective, "I am really glad I have lived long enough to see cattle markets like these, never thought I would sell steer calves for that. It happens once in a live time." This was said, right after she sold her steer calves on Cattle Country Video last fall. She is right, and we are thankful that we've gotten to enjoy this ride and hope you all are as well.

We have been working really hard on an ET program and you will see some of those bulls for the first time in this sale. The plan has been in place for several years but the drought of 2012 certainly set us back a couple of years. We will not flush a cow that is not proven, the bulls in the sale are out of some older donor cows we bought for the balanced, feed efficient and proven genetics they have. We flushed them for the heifers they have produced, because we believe if you select for the females the bulls produced will be even better.

We introduced a couple of bulls from the Windy line, to balance out the milk epd's, as well as the superior maternal base they possess. They don't have quite as much carcass as we like but once again we keep building on the female base of our herd. You will like those bulls as well. We've got a super line of young natural service herd bulls that have proven feed efficient genetics coupled with maternal function, look them over in the herd bulls.

On the performance side we continue to search for feed efficient genetics that will offer your calf or yearling buyer, cattle that have the genetics to produce a profit at every level. Today's feeder buyers are looking for and often paying a premium for cattle, that have higher quality grades, with shorter, fewer days on feed before harvest. The bulls in this sale will produce calves that fit that demand profile. We keep working to keep our cow herd with real world function along with added fertility while maintaining a maternal cow with extra's for your buyers.

Here at WEBO we are still applying selection pressure for carcass traits coupled with optimum performance. We strive for optimum because most of Wyoming can't support cattle that demand huge inputs, our challenging range conditions keep us searching for fancy, functional and breeding leading females that "can take it." Our cows are most likely treated the same as your commercial cows. We summer on grass (no creep for the calves), cake & hay in the winter (because it can be darn wintery up top at Lusk). We will continue to follow the "Old Cowboy Rule", put as much milk and performance as your environment will let you have in your cows, because beef is still sold by the pound, be it live, in a box or at the meat counter.

Please join us on Tuesday April 7th, 2015. We will serve a great beef lunch served by the Niobrara County Cattlewomen. If you have questions, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our cattle. Come to the sale, look the cattle over and make your own decisions. Please know we stand behind our cattle, if something comes up please tell us instead of just your neighbor. We will do what is right and strive to correct any problems our customers have. We look forward to serving as your source for high quality, efficient Angus bulls.

Waldon & Buttons York & Family
WEBO Angus

Featured Sires

Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V

Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V sires daughters and sons with consistent structural integrity. He is the outcross sire know for maternal excellence and consistency. He creates high quality females with longevity and productivity. His calves hit the ground and get up.

Conneally Consensus 7229

Connealy Consensus 7229 Calves are the Cowman's kind! They are the favorite sire group of all the cowmen you talk to. Birth weights are moderate, they get up and go to work and look like they have a tremendous amount of power and performance in them!

Connealy Confidence 0100

Connealy Confidence 0100 is a Calving Ease specialist. Not many bulls deliver extreme calving ease in such a desirable package. Confidence continues to amaze breeders with the amount of pure substance, muscle shape and structural correctness he sires for such a calving ease bull.

V D A R Really Windy 4097

V D A R Really Windy 4097 is a super calving ease bull, that offers lots of maternal merit in his replacement female daughters. Slightly more frame, heavily muscled with excellent feet and legs. Really tight sheathed with excellent udder scores.

Directions to the Sale

The WEBO Angus 8th Annual Production Sale is being held April 7, 2015 at the ranch 8 miles east of Lusk, WY on Highway 20 towards Nebraska. Turn right (south) at Pfister Road and go 6/10 miles to the bottom of the hill. Watch for signs for further directions.

If you need additional directions, please contact us via phone using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

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Sale Day Phones
Buttons • 307-216-0090
Waldon • 307-340-8000
Elly • 307-340-1499
Odessa • 307-340-1182
Lex Madden, Auctioneer
Cody Thompson, Sale Advisor
Ty Thompson • 307-340-0770
Curt Cox • 307-630-4604
Inspection of Cattle Cattle are available for you to view at Duck Creek Ranch, 16 miles east of Lusk, WY on Hwy 20 until Tuesday, April 7. Call 307-216-0090 or 307-340-8000 and we will be glad to make arrangements with you to view the bulls.
Food & Refreshments Complimentary coffee, rolls, and lunch will be available sale day.
Sale Location At the ranch 8 miles east of Lusk, WY on Highway 20 towards Nebraska. Turn right at Pfister Road and go 6/10 miles to the bottom of the hill. Watch for signs.
Terms & Conditions All cattle sell under the standard terms and conditions as adopted by The American Angus Association dated 3/21/1994.
Settlement & Delivery All bulls are to be settled for sale day, unless prior arrangements are made. Free delivery is available within a 200-mile radius of Lusk, WY.
Rawhide Motel • 307-334-2440
Townhouse Motel • 307-334-2376
Covered Wagon Motel • 307-334-2836
Best Western • 307-334-2640
Liability All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk, and WEBO Angus assumes no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accidents which may occur.